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Aircraft engines

At present small turbine engines are widely demanded on the market of piloted and pilotless air vehicles.

The piloted air vehicles include in particular small experimental aircraft and small sports planes with turbine engine as the main auxiliary unit and ultralights. The sailplanes can use the engine as an auxiliary driving units. In this case the sailplane is not dependent on other air vehicle to reach the required altitude; it becomes an independent air vehicle with the possibility of long-time sailplaning in air.

The pilotless air vehicles include training targets, monitoring and evaluating means of category UAV/UAS (unmanned aircraft vehicles/systems), combat vehicles UCAV (unmanned combat aircraft vehicles), and special applications.

Turbojet engine TJ 100 Turbojet engine TJ 100

This engine is the basic type of the driving unit intended for all the above mentioned applications. Currently a number of variants is manufactured in series according to specific requirements of end users. Our activities do not include only the delivery of this small turbojet engine; we also provide support in its installation to ensure optimum operating conditions, and comprehensive training in the engine operation.


Small turbojet engine TJ 20 (prototype) Small turbojet engine TJ 20

Small turbine engine developed specially for professional model airplane applications.


Turboprop engine TP 100 (prototype) Turboprop engine TP 100

Following the commercial success of the small turbojet engine TJ 100 we have also finished the design of the small turboprop engine TP 100. Basic driving unit TP 100 is the proven engine motor TJ 100, which has been modified for operation with the aircraft propeller.


Turboshaft engine TS 100 (prototype) Turboshaft engine TS 100

The aircraft engine TS 100 is developed as a modification of the turboprop engine TP 100. The output shaft speed is adapted for the operation of small piloted or pilotless helicopters.