TJ100 Turbojet Engine

This small turbojet engine has been developed for light air vehicles, such as light and ultralight sports planes, sailplanes equipped with auxiliary engine, piloted vehicles of EXPERIMENTAL class and various unmanned air vehicles.
TJ100 is currently sold in several variants. Since 2008 about 500 units of TJ100 have been delivered. TJ100 is completely newly developed power unit with excellent weight/thrust ratio. In the development of TJ100 latest know-how and technologies were used from the field of turbine engines. In the category of small turbojet engines, TJ100 with thrust up to 1250 N ranks among the best in the world.

The TJ100 engine was introduced abroad in the Military Technology magazine. Read more here: PBS-TJ100-Military-Technology.pdf

Form for providing information on the engine TJ100

Single-stage radial compressor, radial and axial diffuser, annular combustion chamber, and single-stage axial turbine. Rotor bearings are lubricated by autonomous oil system. The engine is controlled by an electronic system. Start of the engine as well as of the fuel and oil pump is electrical. Power supply is ensured by integral generator and DC-DC converter. Ignition system is a low-voltage system.


Variants are created on the basis of specific customers requirements; as a rule they have the following differences:

  • installation – the basis are 3 fixing points, which, depending on application, can be extended by a stainless steel frame or fixing points required by the customer

  • air intake section – depending on aircraft type, various types of air intake sections; the engine can be equipped with its own cover or by intake section cover delivered by the customer

  • exhaust nozzle – standard nozzle can be modified or extended

The engine can be equipped with optional accessories, e.g. electromagnetic fuel valve, fuel filter, gas control lever, user SW, front and rear cowl, altitude sensor, annunciator panel, etc. - contact us for more information. 

Examples of use