TJ100 Turbojet Engine

The turbojet engine TJ100 is especially suitable for unmanned aerial vehicles,
target drones, missiles, micro jets and powered gliders. The TJ100 engine has compact design and has an excellent power-to-weight ratio up to 1,300 N with low fuel consumption for
its power category. This engine is also suitable for water landing. It has classic design - radial compressor, radial and axial diffuser, annular combustion chamber, axial turbine and fixed output nozzle.

The TJ100 engine was introduced abroad in the Military Technology magazine. Read more here: PBS-TJ100-Military-Technology.pdf


Technical parameters
Max. thrust 1,300 N 292 lbf
Power supply 28 V DC 28 V DC
Electrical power output 650 W 650 W
Specific fuel consumption 0.116 kg/N/h 1.1376 lb/lbf/hr
Fuel consumption - idle / max. thrust 700 / 3,120 ml/min 23,67 / 105,5 fl oz/min
Dimensions and weight
Outside diameter 272 mm  10.7 in
Length 625 mm  24.6 in
Weight 19.5 kg 43 lb
Weight of accessories 1.05 kg 2.32 lb
Other parameters
Max. engine speed 60,600 RPM  60,600 RPM
Fuel JET A, A-1, B  according to DERD 2494 standard,
 TS-1, T2, RT according to GOST 10227-86 standard
Oil Mobil Jet Oil II / AEROSHELL 560 according to MIL-L-23699
Operating range - engine operation
Altitude 0 m to 10,000 m 0 ft to 32,808 ft
Speed 0 to 0.8 M 0 to 0.8 M
Ambient temperature -50°C to +50°C -58°F to +122°F
Operating range - engine start
Altitude 0 m to 6,000 m 0 ft to 19,685 ft
Speed 0 to 0.6 M 0 to 0.6 M
Ambient temperature -40°C to +50°C -40°F to +122°F


Variants are created on the basis of specific customers requirements; as a rule they have the following differences:

  • installation – the basis are 3 fixing points, which, depending on application, can be extended by a stainless steel frame or fixing points required by the customer

  • air intake section – depending on aircraft type, various types of air intake sections; the engine can be equipped with its own cover or by intake section cover delivered by the customer

  • exhaust nozzle – standard nozzle can be modified or extended

The engine can be equipped with optional accessories, e.g. electromagnetic fuel valve, fuel filter, gas control lever, user SW, front and rear cowl, altitude sensor, annunciator panel, etc. - contact us for more information. 

Examples of use