TP100 Turboprop Engine

Turboprop engine TP100 with 180 kW Output. The engine offers the following benefits:
  • small buildup dimensions
  • low weight
  • high static thrust

TP100 is based on the proven TJ100 turbojet engine. TJ100 is used as a gas generator that generates combustion gases for powering the free turbine and, via a gearbox (reducer), the propeller. The system is designed for use in both push and tractor configuration depending on its mounting position on the aircraft. Thanks to its low weight and 180 kW output the engine is an ideal solution for powering ultralight manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Form for providing information on the engine TP100

 Valid for ISA:  p0 = 101.325 kPa, t0 = 15 °C, v0 = 0 km/h, h=0m

Technical parameters
Output shaft speed 2,158 RPM 2,158 RPM
Power supply 28 V DC 28 V DC
Electrical power output 720 W 720 W
Take-off 180 kW 241 HP
Max. continuous 160 kW 214 HP
Cruise 140 kW 188 HP
Specific fuel consumption
Take-off 0.515 kg/kW/h 0,847 lb/HP/hr
Max. continuous 0.525 kg/kW/h 0,863 lb/HP/hr
Cruise 0.548 kg/kW/h 0,901 lb/HP/hr
Dimensions and weight
Height x width - without exhaust 398 x 330 mm 15.6 x 13.00 in
Length 891 mm 35.08 in
Weight 61.6 kg 135.8 lb
Other parameters
Gas generator speed - 100% 56,200 RPM 56,200 RPM
Fuel TS-1, T2, RT according to GOST 10227 – 86
JET A, JET A-1, JET B according to DERD 2494
Oil Mobil Jet Oil II/AEROSHELL 560 according to MIL-L-23699
Operating range - engine operation
Altitude 0 m to 9,000 m 0 ft to 29,500 ft
Ambient temperature -50°C to ISA +30°C -58°F to ISA +54°F
Operating range - engine start
Altitude 0 m to 6,000 m 0 ft to 19,700 ft
Ambient temperature -30°C to ISA +30°C -22°F to ISA +54°F


Examples of use