TS100 Turboshaft Engine

The TS100 turboshaft engine has been derived from the turboprop engine TP100. The gas generator of the turboshaft engine is based on the proven TJ100 turbojet engine. The combustion gases are powering free turbine and gearbox (two output speeds are available).

The TS100 turboshaft engine is suitable for light helicopters up to 1,000 kg. The engine offers Take‑Off power up to 180 kW. The maximum continuous power 160 kW is available up to 2,000 m even in hot conditions. The turbine engine is able to start in cold conditions as low as -30°C without preheating.

The engine is equipped with autonomous oil and fuel systems, electric starter-generator and digital engine control unit (ECU). The ECU ensures controlled acceleration and deceleration of the gas generator to maintain the constant output shaft speed. The ECU also ensures automatic after-cooling of hot parts after engine stop.

The engine could be controlled by analogue interface (control voltage) or by digital interface (based on CAN Aerospace V1.7 protocol). The engine parameters for cockpit multifunction display are available only in digital format.

The turboshaft engine TS100 offers the following benefits:

  • small installation dimensions
  • low weight
  • high power/weight ratio
  • digital interface for control and monitoring
  • ability to start in cold conditions as low as -30°C without preheating
  • stable operation in high altitudes and at high temperatures

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Valid for ISA:  p0 = 101.325 kPa, t0 = 15 °C, v0 = 0 km/h, h=0m
  TS 100ZA TS 100DA
Shaft output 180 kW
Shaft speed 5978 min-1 2158 min-1
Torque 287 Nm 797 Nm
Dimensions and weight                       
Weight w/o working liquids 56,7 kg 62,6 kg
Engine length 829 mm 881 mm
Width × depth (w/o exhaust) 398 × 330 mm 398 × 330 mm
Fuel TS-1, T2, RT according to GOST 10227 – 86
JET A, JET A-1, JET B according to DERD 2494
Lubrication Turbine oil MOBIL JET OIL II according to MIL-L-23699
AEROSHELL TURBINE OIL 560 according to DEF STAN 91-94


Examples of use