General repairs, service and maintenance

We provide users of our products with top quality servicing. Only professional and regularly performed servicing by our personnel can help you to ensure long-term and reliable operation. We guarantee that exclusively original parts are used, directly from our plant and of top quality. During repairs we use the latest methods and technologies which benefit from our long-term experience gained in the course of manufacturing, repairs and development of new products and technologies.

General overhauls include certain special operations which may be performed only in the manufacturing plant and thus ensure first class quality of the performed repairs. Once the repair is completed, all aggregates are checked with the most rigorous acceptance tests in order to verify the performed works before the unit is dispatched to the customer. Repairs of our aircraft technology products are carried out only in PBS Velká Bíteš.

  • In order to improve servicing for operators we have established the ООО «Казанский агрегатный завод» service centre in Kazan that ensures repair of defects in the field.

  • Our plant features also a new training centre, in which we instruct the operators about our products, their maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.

Benefits of PBS general overhauls and servicing:

  • Operational benefits of PBS general overhauls and servicing

  • Resetting of maintenance interval

  • Full guarantee for the repair carried out

  • Minimization of repairs and dismounting in the course of aircraft operation

  • Reduction of spare part inventory levels

Other benefits

  • Original spare parts

  • Repairs are performed according to the latest maintenance standards

  • Performance of modifications and introduction of Bulletins

Failure and operational data forms

Please send the completed forms to the e-mail address ( or to the fax (+420 566 822 372) of První Brněnská Strojírna Velká Bíteš, a.s.