První brněnská strojírna a.s., our affiliated company, designs, manufactures and delivers steam boilers in the range of up to 100 t of steam per hour. The production focuses on grate boilers or fluidized bed combustion boilers.

Fossil fuel or biomass fired boilers

The main product ranges include biomass or fossil fuel fired boilers with the output of 22 to 80 t of steam per hour. The steam boiler is designed as a boiler with two vertical membrane passes and one uncooled pass. The first pass is designed as a radiation heating surface. The second membrane pass is equipped with three superheaters. In the uncooled draught there are EKA bundles. The three-stage super heater is equipped with two injectors for steam temperature control between the super heater 2 and 3 and super heater 1 and 2. From the burnt gasses side the super heater 2 is the first one, then the super heater 3, both in the parallel flow, followed by super heater 1 in counter flow. EKA bundles are made of bare ribbed pipes suspended on beams. The drum is installed above the boiler. A special steel structure is used for the fire grate.

Waste heat boilers

Another product range consists of waste heat boilers installed downstream of gas turbines and gas engines with output up to 80 t steam per hour. The boilers are designed as horizontal, water-tube, single- up to three-pressure boilers. The delivery usually includes the duct system, boiler, chimney with a silencer. Field measuring systems, control system, electrical installation and supply station are available as accessories. Furthermore, our company offers also complete deliveries of gas-engine based cogeneration units.

Service and reconstruction of boilers

Other activities include servicing and reconstruction of boilers, ecologization of facilities, and modernization of coal, oil, gas and biomass boilers. The projects are carried out according to customer's requirements. Other service works include boiling, chemical cleaning and blowing of boilers.

První brněnská strojírna a.s. is an engineering and manufacturing company in the field of ecological combustion of renewable resources and ecologization of facilities. We provide complete services for power plant and heating plant projects, including design, technology, engineering, manufacture, assembly and testing as well as subsequent servicing. We also offer complete delivery of technological units including related process systems and construction works according to the customer requirements. For our customers we also arrange financing of export projects in cooperation with Czech banks.