Turbine Blades

We deliver precision castings of rotor and stator blades of gas turbines, including subsequent machining and grinding, for the energy industry. These castings are made of IN 713LC, IN 738 C, MAR M247 and B1914 alloys. Our precision castings are used by many turbine manufacturers and service companies all around the world – from USA up to Russia. 
Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment used by our precision casting foundry, we are one of the top European suppliers. According to the drawings of the finished part, we are able to design and manufacture the required pattern equipment and proceed with the production. To speed up the prototyping phase, we offer also the rapid prototyping method utilizing 3D print. Thanks to our comprehensive control of the production chain, our customers can expect us to deliver turbine blade castings with high level of machining, including grinding of blade locks. Our products are also subjected to extensive quality testing.

Blade length: 50 - 400 mm
Wheel weight: 0.1 ÷ 6.2 kg