Our process equipment and machinery is offered in the form of cooperation to companies which do not have such equipment and machines or which want to save costs on logistics, storage, control of the supplier chain or quality inspection. 
In our production premises on an area of 66,000 m2, we perform a wide range of production operations. We have a huge fleet of machines as well as up-to-date process equipment available:
- CNC machining centres, with automatic exchange of technological pallets and tools, working in fourth axes
- Niles ZE 400 gear profile grinding machine and Klingelnberg P26 CNC measuring centre
- Coating furnace VVTR – 5016/16
- 9 shot blasting machines 
- 4 rotary gas annealing furnaces
- 2 electric resistance annealing furnaces
- ACCURA and PRISMO 3D coordinate measuring machines
- OKUMA multifunctional turning and milling centre
- Hwacheon vertical lathe
- AXA milling centre
We provide cooperation in the specialized engineering operations.
- Gear grinding
- Turbine blade coating
- Heat treatment in vacuum
- Non-destructive testing
- Blade grinding
- Machining of big workpieces
- Cutting shop
- 3D measurement
- Blasting
- Annealing
Thanks to the combination of specialized operations under "one roof" we are able to save our clients both time and logistic expenses.