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A leading supplier of electroplating the Plating Shop offers a comprehensive range of services. We are ready to deal with any requirements to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Thanks to our rich experience we are able to consider all details affecting the resulting quality – from the quality of each aluminium lot, including its finishing and cleanliness, to the design of suspension points and masking. Our success is based on a close cooperation with the customer starting already in the design phase of the product life cycle. This way we are able to obtain repeated perfect results. That is why the Plating Shop and its team of experienced and skilled experts partner with so many manufacturers.

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The Plating Shop performs a wide range of surface treatment operations, including above all anodizing coating of aluminium and its alloys (hard anodizing coating, hard black anodizing coating, natural anodizing coating, natural black anodizing coating, natural anodizing coating with sealing in potassium dichromate, anodizing coating in chromic acid), and also alkaline and zinc plating (blue chromate Cr III, yellow chromate Cr VI), nickel plating (bright), tin plating and blacking.

The surface finish features a high technical standard and quality according to ČSN EN 2536, MIL-A-8625, ONL 1831, ČSN EN ISO 7599. Systematic efforts in quality improvement have resulted in obtaining the quality system certificates according to AS 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, NADCAP. The certificates have been issued by the central office of Lloyd’s Register with both German and British accreditation, and by PRI (Performance Review Institute).

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