PBS ENERGO, a.s. to Build a Biomass Power Plant

PBS ENERGO, a.s., a traditional steam and gas-powered expansion turbine manufacturer, obtained a contract to supply a complete biomass power plant to Great Britain near the city of Wrexham for over half a billion Czech crowns. Together with its sister company, První brněnská strojírna a.s., it is currently providing turnkey implementation of the project.
Participants in this project include PBS ENERGO, a.s., in collaboration with První brněnská strojírna, a.s., a proven boiler manufacturer. After První brněnská strojírna, a.s. rejoined the PBS GROUP, a.s., both companies launched shared marketing and business ventures with the aim of uniting their manufacturing programmes. These efforts were crowned with success.
The road to the culmination of this business venture was not easy. It was necessary to both provide proof of the high level of quality of both companies in the fields of supply (boiler, turbine), as well as prove that they possess the abilities necessary for the implementation of large technological units.
"We needed to convince the customer and investor of our qualities with references in the field of boiler and turbine supply, as well as of our ability to deal with the issues related to the supply of these products in accordance with British standards. Our references for boilers made for burning identical fuel in Germany were a deciding factor," stated PBS ENERGO, a.s. CEO, Ing. Karel Jelínek.
The incineration plant will include a condensation extraction turbine with a normal rated output of 5.4 MW with the option of heat supply from regulated collection. This heat will be utilised for drying wood products. Overall, the block produces 34 GWh of green electricity per year. An annual 6,000 tonne reduction of CO2 emissions produced by the British Isles is expected. The thermal power plant will provide work for 15 employees, plus another 10 positions in regional preparation and fuel logistics.
This is the second project implemented by PBS ENERGO, a.s. in the past two years. The first project, a steam condensation turbine in the city of Goole, is now already utilising waste heat at the local glassworks, and is producing electrical power.
The PBS group believes that these types of thermal power plants show a great deal of promise. According to a statement by PBS GROUP, a.s. chairman of the board, Ing. Petr Kádner, this reference will be a positive milestone in the development of the entire group. "At PBS, we are currently developing two additional similar projects in Europe, and a third in South America," adds Ing. Petr Kádner.
PBS ENERGO, a.s. is a prominent Czech company operating in the field of electrical power with customers and implementations across the globe. It focuses primarily on back-pressure steam turbines, steam condensation turbines, and gas expansion turbines, and supplying turbo machinery and related operational and construction complexes. It provides customers with comprehensive projects, construction, technology, installation of both its own and other turbo machinery, as well as the construction of complete technological and energy blocks, as well as securing financing for the entire project.