PBS joins European Turbine Network

PBS Velká Bíteš – a major manufacturer that casts blades for gas turbines – has joined the European association known as the European Turbine Network, which brings together all the key players involved in developing, producing and maintaining gas turbines. Currently, it boasts 107 members, mostly from the European Union.

The ETN is composed of experts from various countries from across the spectrum, from power generation, oil and gas companies, OEMs, research and development facilities, suppliers and service providers, through to technology consultancies and industrial associations. The ETN pursues a goal that, via mutual strategies and endeavours in research amongst all participating parties, together with the support of EU policy on energy and research, encourages growth and boosts the competitiveness of the gas turbine sector in Europe
The PBS Velká Bíteš company values its membership of this association, viewing it as a crucial platform for discussion with representatives of various enterprises involved in the sphere of gas turbines, hence it represents a worthwhile tool for interaction and acts as a source of information.